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About the Game

This game allows people to explore what they really want for themselves, challenging the script of traditional relationships.

With this game, you'll be able to design a relationship based on what you, and the people you relate with, truly desire.

We tend to make decisions based on what society expects from us, but we want to challenge that and help you create more conscious and intentional relationships!

the relationship design game sexuality card Expecting the other to fulfill all my sexual fantasies and desires
the relationship design game all cards diferent colors diferent topics

Improve communication

Share your desires

Set your boundaries

Question your beliefs

How to

In this game, you will be faced with different questions and scenarios that will allow you to design relationships that truly serve you!

By the end of the game, you'll have a visual map of the things you want, and the things you don't want, regarding the most relevant topics within relationships like sexuality, social and family life, finances, and others.

Every relationship is unique, feel free to adapt the questions to your reality!

Many of the cards question monogamy, but even if you don't have interest in a non-monogamous relationship, challenge yourself to reflect on those questions and think about the reason behind your answer.

the relationship design Yes, No, Let's Talk cards
the relationship design game sexuality card Sleeping in Separate beds

Who to play with?

Play with anyone, of any gender, with whom you have some kind of romantic, sexual, or even platonic relationship.

​The game can be played by people in the beginning of a relationship or by people in long-standing partnerships. The only request is to be willing to communicate openly!

It is also possible, and encouraged, to play the game alone as it is a great way to get to know yourself better and find out, free from anyone's judgment, what you want for your relationships!


Who created it?

I did! 


My name is Mariana and all my life I've been questioning myself about the way relationships are supposed to look like. That curiosity set me on a journey of both internal and external exploration.

Since I'm not a particularly extroverted or communicative person, but I do love to engage in deep discussions, I needed a tool that would help me start those conversations. So here it is!

I'm a designer and a love, sex and relationship enthusiast, and I've designed this game with the help of psychologists and people with different experiences and backgrounds.

the relationship design game designer and creator holding cards in her hand
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